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Aurora Bryte Pottery

I started Aurora Bryte Pottery out of a love for Vermont, the state is immensely refreshing and peaceful and my hope is that you've experienced that as well!

It started in 2015 after I had been living in Vermont for a few years and felt a connection to the lifestyle and the serenity that the state provides. There is so much beauty surrounding us all - it's such a gift to have!

Ever since taking  my first ceramics class in college, I've gravitated towards pottery and the art of creation. Being outdoors and being surrounded by mountains, trees, and the peacefulness of the forest is another thing I've come to love. Looking back it all seems inevitable now that the two things would combine.

So, where did the name come from? My love for the outdoors wasn't always adventurous... growing up in Missouri I didn't have mountains to climb,  only wide open spaces and the sky. I remember watching the sunset with my mom nearly every night, or looking up watching the clouds  roll in for a Midwest thunderstorm... those experiences allowed me to recognize the vastness and incredible beauty of the sky...The sky has always been a marker of beauty and the Aurora Borealis is just that. A phenomena that is so breathtakingly beautiful it's captivating. Being endlessly captivated with the sky it only seemed natural to name my pottery after a source of inspiration and a gratitude for all the memories it has provided me.

Bryte is not only a family name but my middle name as well. As an adult, I've come to love the name. It's fitting and I'll always remember a dear friend summing me up by saying "You continually find the Bryte side of things."

My pottery is for everyday moments, for extraordinary moments and the simplest of them. I’m overjoyed at being able to create pottery for you all and I hope, from the corners of my heart that it will remind you of all your mountain memories, those moments of peace found within the Green Mountains and those moments of pure joy reminiscing about the adventures they supplied.

Cheers to deep conversations, to wandering with curiosity throughout this life, to enjoying the simplest of smiles, to getting lost in familiar forests and looking up into the wonder of the night sky. Cheers to all your moments.


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