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All in stock orders will ship out the same or next day. Shipping is most often through USPS 2- Day Priority and tracking can be provided if requested. Each mug is carefully bubbled and packaged so that it will arrive as safely as possible!



Mugs should be used and loved! In order to extend a mug's life there are small things you can do to keep it safe and like new. All mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, BUT if you can heat up a teapot of water or handwash your mug instead please do. It's less stress on the mug and therefore will extend it's life!



Ever get coffee rings or tea stains in your cup that just won't seem to wash out? Take a scotchbrite pad to the stains and they'll come right up.


 YES! My hope is that this mug becomes your next favorite. Before launching my cabinet was full of my handmade mugs and I've been hard on every one to test their limits and so far I've been impressed. Use them. Love them. My mugs are made to be a little thicker and a little heavier than your standard mug, all in hopes of preventing chips and nicks that are all too common with pottery. Use them and don't fear!


I would love to work with you to create whatever you're envisioning! Contact me and we can chat about options and the ideas you have. Custom projects, depending on size and due to the handmade nature, will take roughly 4-6 weeks to create.

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